Living & Working with Invisible Illness – a Fireside Chat with Harper Spero and Jes Osrow


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Event Title: Living & Working with Invisible Illness – a Fireside Chat with Harper Spero and Jes Osrow

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Invisible Illness. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there and that people are not suffering.

An invisible illness is any medical condition that doesn’t present obvious physical symptoms or isn’t easily identifiable to the naked eye. Migraines, depression, diabetes, ADHD, anxiety, IBS, chronic pain, and autoimmune disease are just a few examples of the hundreds of invisible illnesses that people live with day-in-day-out around the world.

According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 4 women ages 18-64 indicate that they struggle with a physical or mental impairment that limits life activities. Living with an invisible illness presents an added layer of challenges because a person who is struggling may “look fine” on the outside. As a result, real suffering is often dismissed, down-played, or criticized.

Join us as the Six Degrees Society community sits down for a fireside chat with invisible illness experts Jes Osrow – Talent Development and HR Specialist – and Harper Spero – host of the Made Visible podcast. Together we’ll tackle topics such as:

– Types of invisible illnesses
– Managing Invisible Illness, the Stigma, & Finding Support
– When and How to talk to Your Employer About It
– Presenting like You’re Fine When You’re Not
– Why Women's Suffering is Dismissed
– How to Create an Inclusive Environment for Others
– How to Build Freedom/Flexibility into Your Life Through Entrepreneurship

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Wednesday, November 20th
7:00-9:00 pm

One Liberty Plaza
3rd Floor
New York, NY 1006
(FYI 165 Broadway is the same building)

$35 for single ticket
FREE for Six Degrees Society members

Jes gets sh*t done and has the energy of four people. Her goal is to create fundamental change in People Operations. As Head of Learning and Org Development at Quartet Health, Jes empowers organizational culture to be inclusive, diverse, and promote equity for all employees. As Co-Founder of The Rise Journey (, she works with growth stage companies designing and implementing strategies to build cohesive teams while developing a sustainable organizational culture. Jes puts theoretical People Ops ideas into scalable best practices. As a no BS kind of person, Jes is focused on hands on engagement, real world experiences, and communicating successes and struggles in personal and professional realms. Her talks and workshops are engaging, transparent, and relatable, with action-oriented takeaways. Focus areas include: Career development, Invisible disability advocacy, Imposter syndrome, Diversity recruitment and engagement strategies, and Women in tech.


Harper Spero is a business coach and consultant who specializes in working with individuals who want to live, work, and earn on their own terms. As someone who has managed an invisible illness for her entire life, she works with clients to find work-life balance, prioritize self-care, and discover the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. In 2018 she launched the podcast Made Visible to help people with invisible illnesses (and those who care for them) feel more seen and heard.

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