Six Degrees Society NYC Presents: How to Design a Life You LOVE with Laurie Gerber

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Six Degrees Society NYC Presents: How to Design a Life You LOVE with Laurie Gerber

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Are you ready to take on something really important this year? – How about YOU and your life!

Whether you want to take on your career, your love life, your health, your body, your family, your bank account, or all of the above ... We welcome you to join us and Handel Group's Head Coach Laurie Gerber for this no holds barred, narrative-changing "Design Your Life" workshop. In this event, Laurie will teach you how to dream in every area of your life that matters to you. She will show you what’s in the way of your dreams and get you into the right actions to realize every last one of them.

If you’re ready to do the work, the "Design Your Life" workshop will help shatter the glass ceiling you possibly didn’t even know existed between you and the highest version for yourself.

In this session you’ll learn how to:
-- Uncover what you really want
-- Articulate your dream
-- Bust your own excuses
-- Identify self-sabotaging inner dialogue.
-- Create an action plan that is a match with your new dream!

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Wednesday July 24th

Luminary NYC
1204 Broadway (btwn 29th and 30th)
4th Floor

$35 for single ticket
FREE for Six Degrees Society members

About Laurie Gerber:
Passionate about personal development, Laurie has been coaching individuals and groups for over 15 years. She holds a degree in Education and Political Science from Swarthmore College, and was certified to teach elementary school. Before enthusiastically joining the Handel Group, Laurie owned and operated Partners with Parents, a tutoring and educational consulting business in New York City.

In eight years, Laurie has built Handel Group® Life Coaching from “nearly non-existent” to a team of skilled coaches. She considers herself “an angel recruiter” because she is busy looking for other people who share her mission to instill more joy and peace in the world. “When all people are living true to their ideals, then I can rest,” she says. She doesn’t anticipate being able to rest anytime soon.

Her professional and personal mission is to better the world by teaching people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams. Her focus is on maximizing clients’ ability to thrive across all areas of life–health, love, career, money, family, etc. Laurie spreads her message of empowerment through live international events, one-on-one coaching, virtual coaching courses, as a writer, on radio and in TV appearances such as MTV’s True Life Special: I’m Getting a Second Chance, A&E’s The Marriage Test, the Dr. Phil Show and TODAY show.

Laurie feels blessed to spend her days (and most nights) doing work that makes her proud and she is inspired by Handel clients for having the guts to look at themselves honestly. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and three kids.

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