Six Degrees Society NYC Presents: Eat, Pray, and Love Your Way Through a Life of Independent Travel


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Six Degrees Society NYC Presents: Eat, Pray, and Love Your Way Through a Life of Independent Travel: Why more women need to travel solo, how to do it, and how to get the most out of it

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Join us for a fireside chat with Kristen Vasan, world traveler and director of strategic platform partnerships at Foursquare, and self-taught travel hacker and jetsetter Morganna Nickoff. During this dynamic discussion, moderated by Six Degrees Society's Ashley Salamanca, the duo will share informative and actionable tips on why more women need to feel okay traveling alone and do it more often! Attendees will learn how to do it and how to get the most out of their trips.

– What is a global tribe? And why and how are more #PowerWomeninTravel building them
– Actionable steps to start your your first solo trip or adventure
– Cultivating courage: how the confidence of solo travel can translate across your life
– Top tips for staying safe as a solo female traveler

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Wednesday, July 17th

Luminary NYC
1204 Broadway (btwn 29th and 30th)
4th FLR
New York, NY 10001

$35 for single ticket
FREE for Six Degrees Society members

About Morganna Nickoff:
A self-taught travel hacker and lifelong jetsetter, Morganna is passionate about solo female travel and practicing healthy risk taking. She believes more women need to be comfortable with traveling alone and is excited to share tips on how to start and how incorporating independent travel in your life will cultivate courage and curiosity in all areas. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Morganna began her marketing career at Boeing before spending several years moving to and traveling through Beijing, Paris, London, and New York City. Today she is Head of Commerical Marketing for Guinness World Records and moonlights as a standup comic, kickboxer, and cartoonist.

About Kristen Vasan:
Kristen’s decade-long run in the geolocation technology space has helped her bring value to some of the largest players in the travel industry, including Hilton, Condé Nast Traveler, HotelTonight, Marriott, Expedia, AirBnB, and TripAdvisor. Her specialties include consulting global brands on digital innovation, systems architecture, UI/UX design and more with a purview across a wide range of location and mobile marketing automation platforms. She currently oversees strategic platform partnerships at Foursquare across brands in travel, real estate, and emerging markets.

Kristen is a traveler at heart, having lived in 5 countries and explored dozens of others. You'll often hear her saying that she should play the lottery since she has a funny way of randomly bumping into people she knows when solo traveling thousands of miles from home. She holds a BA in International Studies and Spanish Lit from Ohio Wesleyan University and is currently based in Manhattan, NY.

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Luminary NYC, 1204 Broadway, NY, New York, USA

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