Six Degrees Society NYC Presents Prenup Protection 101 with Joleena Louis

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Event Title: Six Degrees Society NYC Presents Prenup Protection 101 With Joleena Louis

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Have your own business or think you may one day? Maybe you have all the little details of your dream biz planned out from your logo to your website to future partnerships you want to do.

But have you thought through the details of how to protect yourself and your business... from a legal standpoint?

Just like trip insurance for a vacation, prenups and partnership agreements may not be the sexiest part of owning a business, but you'll be sure glad you have them in the event personal or professional relationships take an unexpected turn!

Join us for a fireside chat with lawyer Joleena Louis who specializes in helping entrepreneurs protect themselves and their businesses when they get married, divorced, or when they take on a co-founder. Joleena will walk us through the good the bad and the ugly... including a breakdown of essential legal safeguards, how to approach the awkward topic with a spouse or co-founder, and other tips and resources every business owner need to know.

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Tuesday, March 5th

Luminary NYC
1204 Broadway
New York, NY 10001

$35, free for Six Degrees Society members

About Joleena Louis:
My job is to help you protect what matters to you: your children, your assets, or your business. Many of my clients are entrepreneurs who come to me before during or after the marriage to help them protect that important asset from divorce. Family law is my passion and I have practiced it exclusively since graduating from Hofstra Law in 2010. I started Joleena Louis Law in 2013 and have been happily helping my clients protect what matters ever since.

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