Stop, Drop & Recycle: A Candid Conversation on Recycling and Sustainability in SF

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Event Title: Stop, Drop & Recycle: A Candid Conversation on Recycling and Sustainability in SF

What's Happening:
Have you ever finished a cup of coffee and wondered "should I recycle or trash this?" Have you struggled with the word "sustainable" and don't really know how it impacts your life? Do you feel like the biggest jerk every time you throw away another plastic ziploc?

There is hope for you yet! In this panel with The Clean Mission Head of Operations, Julia Santucci and The Sustainability Concierge, Friday Apaliski, we will be learning and getting a better understanding on how we can make a difference in this world and start changing our habits ASAP.

Curated Networking:
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Thursday, January 9th
6:30-8:30 pm

Wetherby Asset Management
580 California Street, 8th floor
San Francisco, CA

$35 for single ticket
FREE for Six Degrees Society members

About Friday Apaliski:
Friday is a real life “Girl Friday" who grew up in the Bay Area, went to school at the University of Oregon, and has lived in San Francisco since 2004. A proud wife and mother, her career started in advertising, then moved into marketing for the SF Dept of the Environment, and now is focused on entrepreneurship helping people live sustainably.

Friday is passionate about the environment and an unrelenting optimist.

About Sustainability Concierge:
She’s all about being be more than just an expert, but also a personal guide and implementer to making anyone’s environmental aspiration a reality.
If you are like most people you would undoubtedly like to be more “green”. But who has time to do the research, find the right replacements, prioritize and implement all the changes? Not most people.

Most people need a little help.

Friday Apaliski is The Sustainability Concierge and your personal guide to a greener home. From using less plastic, to removing toxics, and even lowering electric bills, Friday does it all and makes it easier for you.

About Julia Santucci:
Always an East Coaster at heart while loving life on the west coast. I started in New Jersey and I remember being a small girl who would notice trash outside as I was playing. Luckily is wasn't that bad at all but one day I decided to throw on the roller blades at age 13, grab a trash bag and pick it all up (or as much as my little frame could carry, remember I'm from NJ so stronger than I looked even then haha). Years later while living in NYC and as a runner, I would again notice trash all over and wanted to do something about it. I spoke with friends about creating a 'clean streets and stylish eats' movement. I was shocked to hear everyone was into it! Push to last year when I was looking for volunteer ideas and I met the creator of The Clean Mission. Jeff Winkle had the street clean up system set, so I joined him to add the sponsors and partnerships factor. Today, along with TCM, I also work on partnerships on my own connecting brands who can help each other while always sharing tips of the day with friends on recycling.

About The Clean Mission:
They are simply a group of volunteers who gather on the weekend for a few hours to clean up our city streets! They have been lucky to partner with amazing brands such as LUSH and PathWater for appreciation gifts and also with local venues who sponsor them with bites and drinks after. They supply the tools, just bring yourself!

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